David Gottschall

Front End Developer
& Web Professional

One WordPress theme to rule them all

A challenge was presented when Best Companies Group needed a WordPress theme that they could use for any one of their 50+ programs. These individual program sites needed to be able to take registrations and payment, display information about the programs, and be able to be flexible enough to adapt between programs without needing an experienced web developer to make the changes.

This theme had to be built from scratch. The needs were so specific there couldn’t possibly be an existing theme for this situation.

These sites also needed to have multiple forms for outreach, information requests, and survey customization to jump into post-registration. To lighten the load on program coordinators, the site was built to send automated responses for various interactions.

Gravity Forms was used to handle payments / registrations and several other forms. A coupleĀ of forms had to be custom built with PHP because they were pulling JSON from the main site to populate the form. All form submissions notified the customer submitting the form and the appropriate person listed in the WordPress admin for that form or function.

Lastly, but not really lastly, the sites needed to be visually appealing. People needed to feel good about these sites, especially the program partners. The best feedback we got was that when a potential partner was shown this new design while in development, the response was “we’re not going to do this unless our site gets that design.”